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Technology Sales Course
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Technology Sales Course

Technology Sales Course


About this course

As I decided to build a career in sales, I wanted to learn everything that I could about the profession so I turned to the leading literature on selling. The issue that I encountered is that the majority of sales books were made for industries in the 20th century, and were not tailored for a tech driven 21st century. From here, I set out to write a sales book specifically for the 21st century where the leading sales careers are in technology.

This text is based upon the learnings from my career as an Account Executive at a leading technology company.



Part I: Intro to Tech Sales

Chapter 1: What is Sales?

Chapter 2: Sales as a Profession

Chapter 3: Why Tech Sales?

Chapter 4: The Role of an Account Executive

Chapter 5: Intro to Information Technology

Chapter 6: Top Paying Tech Sales Companies

Part II: Mindset

Chapter 7: Growth Mindset

Chapter 8: Sales Mindset

Part III: Tech Sales Process

Chapter 9: Tech Sales Process

Chapter 10: Vetting

Chapter 11: Open Call

Chapter 12: Human-to-Computer (HTC)

Chapter 13: Qualify

Chapter 14: Pitch

Chapter 15: Close

Chapter 16: Objections

Part IV: Pipeline & Performance

Chapter 17: Pipeline Management

Chapter 18: Performance Expectations & Analytics

Part V: Advanced Techniques

Chapter 19: Up Front Contracting

Chapter 20: Tie Downs

Chapter 21: Industry & Brand Specific Knowledge

Chapter 22: Be a Challenger

Chapter 23: Pitching on the Fly (POTF)

Chapter 24: Farming

Chapter 25: Technical Knowledge

Chapter 26: Features vs. Value

Chapter 27: Pitching & Closing NDMs

Chapter 28: The Reward Equation

Chapter 29: Assume Equal Business Stature (EBS)

Chapter 30: The Core Value Proposition

Chapter 31: Bring Back the Need

Chapter 32: Gamification

Chapter 33: Dealing with Call Reluctance

Chapter 34: Dealing with Rejection

Chapter 35: The Trial Close

Chapter 36: Calendaring

Chapter 37: Using the Gap

Chapter 38: Productivity

Chapter 39: Objections vs. Conditions

Chapter 40: Account Strategy & the Complex Sale

Chapter 41: Response Modes

Chapter 42: The Valid Business Reason to Talk to a DM

Part VI: Career

Chapter 40: Tech Sales Org

Chapter 41: Tech Sales Career Plan

Chapter 42: Getting Started in Tech Sales

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